Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bob Liptrap: PhotoCuba! Student

Bob is not only one of our most avid students, he's also one of our instructors. Bob Teaches some of our landscape photography workshops. He's also a retired Veterinary Doctor and professor with a soft spot for elephants.

Break time on day 2. Serendipity - its the calmness that appeals to me.
Taken on day 3. Trina pointed out the richness of colour and to be ever ready- so I took it.

Done on day 2. A number of adults and children on street with 4 photographers "shooting" in all directions.
Santiago-de-Cuba. From an era when decoration was still important.

Square in Santiago-de-Cuba. Is the echo of blue in the window deliberate?
There is something symbolic about the posture - why are we drawn to the ocean?